| Dear Parents you are informed that tomrrow (30-5-2019) is PTM day
| Admission is open for the session 2019-20
Admission Procedure
Admission Procedure & Fees-:

Fees Payment-:

Monthly Tuition Fees are payable for all 12 months. They are to be paid before the 15th of each month. For delayed payment a fine of Rs. 25 per month is charged.
Fees for the month of April and May should be paid before the beginning of the Final Exams. If fees are not paid for two consecutive months, the name of the student will be struck off from the roll. The parents must ensure that all the fees are positively paid on time. Leaving the School

School Transport Rule-:

Every registration is for 12 months. The bus charges for 12 months will have to be paid at the time of bus registration, and once paid they will not be refunded.
Every possible care will be taken of the child to ensure of his/her safety and security. However, in case of any mishap or injury to a student the school will not be responsible.
Bus service will be kept regular and punctual as far as possible but in case of breakdown due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the bus owner or the school, parent should arrange to take the students to and from the school.

Leaving the School-:

If a student is to be withdrawn from the school, a written intimation to that effect must be given by the parent/guardian at least one month in advance in the prescribed form. All the fees and other dues are to be paid before leaving the school. Fees paid at the time of admission will notberefundedatany stage.However,Deposits or Caution Money, if any, will be refunded at the time of leaving the school.

1-:The desirable age for admission in class 1st is 5+.
2-:Admission are generally mde in march through a test & an interview.
3-:Information for admission can be obtained from the school office during working hours.
4-:Registration & entrance test is not a gurantee for admission
5-:For proof of age ,a certificate from the city board / village pradhan or nursing home must be finished
6-:Any recommendation for admission will not be considered .In all cases right of admission is reserved .