| dear parents you are informed that tomrrow (30-5-2018) is PTM day
| Admission is open for the session 2018-19
Manager Message
M.K.D Children Academy, Dhampur, Distt. Bijnor( U.P). aims at providing holistic education of global standards, for the harmonious development of the personality of each child. We provide intensive and allround training for a responsive and responsible citizenship. We believe in inculcating human values such as fairness, compassion, courage, integrity, empathy, loyalty and courtesy. Keeping pace with the modern time, we integrate technology with teaching.

Our students learn to move ahead with outmost confidence, dream of the impossible and walk the unhidden path, we ensure physical, mental and moral growth of the students, enlarge their mental horizons and broaden their outlook arouse their aesthetic and ingrain the attitude service before them self. Each child is motivated to unfold his latent talent and grow to the highest level of efficiency.

“The institution works with ambition of developing the environment which fosters social accountability, national pride and a curiosity which triggers the mood for self, learning through self- initiation .On this ethos rest the pillars of our foundation and our mission statement, therefore, holds true when we say that- “We aspire to walk our learners down the road which leads them to develop a thirst for knowledge such that its discovery leads to the enrichment for them as individuals and the community and large”.

I extend a cordial welcome to the students joining the academy and give lots of thanks for taken your interest in our academy. Dr.Rashmi S.Rawal ( Manager)